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Professionals who put your mind at ease.

The team members at AuroraCare of WNY hold the highest credentials in their fields. They keep up-to-date with healthcare developments by networking with their colleagues. In addition to normal and high-risk obstetrics, they are highly skilled in complete gynecological care, laparoscopic surgery, and minimally invasive surgery. We have been honored to deliver thousands of healthy children to healthy mothers. By nature, medical professionals are given an enormous amount of trust, and we prove that were worthy of that trust every day.

AuroraCare for Every Woman
1. Pelvic & Breast exams
2. Advanced ThinPrep® Pap Test™
3. Birth control
4. Vaginal infection & STD treatment
5. Chronic pain & fatigue management
6. Menopausal & premenopausal counseling
7. Hormone replacement therapy
8. Alternative treatments for menopause
9. Early detection of osteoporosis
10. Incontinence solutions
11. Infertility solutions
12. Minimally invasive surgery
13. Laparoscopic hysterectomy & alternatives to hysterectomy
14. Treatment for endometriosis and abnormal bleeding
15. Ovarian cyst & fibroid removal
16. Tubal ligation
17. Robotic surgery
18. On-site Registered Dietician (one-on-one sessions)

AuroraCare for Woman & Child
1. Prenatal & postnatal care
2. Normal & High-risk deliveries
3. On-site ultrasound
4. Certified nurse practitioners & childbirth educators

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